Missing Japan

Video by Bobby Imoto - Kalani'69

Sunday June 14, 2020

COVID-19 is having an impact on everyone. Wear masks, stay home, wash your hands, don't go anywhere.

It's been a long time and people are understandably getting twitchy. RHS'69, being the highly social group they are, have the twitchies more than most.

So they think back about the good times everyone had in the past and want them again. Japan trips, mostly.

The Tomodachi trips to Japan are always a big highlight of the year as it sells out and a large group heads off there for 10 days or so.

The RHS'69 Reunion Committee has some big-time, great events each year. One of the most eagerly awaited is the Tomodachi Tours to Japan.

Booby Imoto (Kalani'69) and a honored member of the committee plans the itinerary for each one.

He's really missing Japan. So much he had to share that missing with everyone else in RHS'69 - and we share it with you.

Tomodachi V, scheduled for October 2020, was cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There will another another one when the COVID pandemec allows. Promise.

Meanwhile - rummage through the blog posts of the last three Tomodachi tours. These were great trips and there's lots of video and pictures and you'll see how they get bigger and better each year. This is a bucket list item.

2019 Tomodachi IV

2017 Tomodachi III

2015 Tomodachi II