Who's knocking on our door

                                         Websites are interesting things.

                                         Think of a space where you spread

                                         out your stuff and wait for people to

                                         walk by and look at what's there.

                                         A flea market might come to mind.

                                        If you have good stuff, people spend

                                        some time rummaging around and maybe they'll come back later to look for new stuff. If your stuff is junk or nothing new gets added, they won't bother.

Websites take a lot of work changing stuff on a regular basis. You can spend hours just on graphics. Successful websites are adjusted daily. Maybe minor changes, maybe major but in the end they get a lot of attention.

Running a website is like being in a friendship. Ignore it and things get dull real fast. And if a website has no personality, it becomes like that strange guy at a party - hanging out in a corner by himself and no one really cares.

We get a lot of visitors...a half-million a year...and growing. The most popular feature on the website are the blogs. People like reading other people's stories, and RHS'69 alumni do some interesting and fun things. We sometimes forget Hawaii is a very special place and there's curiosity about it, and us, all over the world. Most people are envious of our beautiful islands and the wonderful people who call it home. We are special and proud of who we are.

One common question is where these visitors come from. The answer is... everywhere in the world. Check the list to the right.

That's a random sampling of the location of some visitor IP addresses last month. We had over 50-thousand visitors in December so we just took a random selection of about 80 and then took a look at 5, also randomly selected.

Honolulu, Hawaii

Chicago, Illinois

Fountain Valley, California

Ischia, Italy

Somewhere in Ireland

Angeles City, Philippines

Manteca, California

Miami, Florida

Seattle, Washington

Yangon, Myanmar

Auburn, Washington

Oakland, California

Somewhere in Germany

Ashburn, Virginia

Gurnee, Illinois,

Denver, Colorado

San Diego, California

Somewhere in Kentucky

Cicero, Illinois

Topeka, Kansas

Clemmons, N. Carolina

Zuni, New Mexico

Dimondale, Michigan

Riverside, California

Culver City, California

Fargo, North Dakota

Georgetown, Texas

Moradabad, India

Fairmont, West Virginia

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Kaifeng, Henan, China

Kirkland, Washington

Bowie, Maryland

Vienna, Wien, Austria

Sri Lanka

Hyderabad, India

Bangkok, Thailand

New York, United States

Los Angeles, California

Yuzhou, Fujian, China

Hanoi, Vietnam

Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Satellite Beach, Florida

Melbourne, Florida

West Jordan, Utah

Napa, California

Singapore, Singapore

San Antonio, Texas

Houston, Texas

Helsinki, Finland

Oakley, California

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Boardman, Oregon

Vienna, Austria

Ashburn, Virginia

Fort Worth, Texas

Nairobi, Kenya

Suva, Fiji

Alameda, California

Bergamo, Italy

Websites that mention Hawaii always seem to get a lot of internet visitors. Must be something to do with beaches, warm weather and Hula girls.

RHS'69 gets a lot of internet visitors which may be a bit harder to explain.

Maybe it's just a fun place to check out. Webmaster Courtney Harrington takes a look at some of the people (and some of the places) that dropped by to see what's happening.

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

You might have noticed no one from Russia, Japan and Indonesia on the list. They visit the site a lot, but didn't show up in the random addresses we grabbed. Japan, at times, can have the most visitors to the website.

So now you know. There's all those thousands of people - and there's you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Finally, Ischia, Italy is a volcanic island

some 19 miles from Naples. The island is

crowded with 60,000 residents. Its main

industry is tourism as European (especially German) and Asian tourists come for the natural volcanic activity, the hot springs, and the volcanic mud.

Clemmons, North Carolina has almost 20-thousand people and it's a village and not a town. It's about 10 miles from Winston-Salem. It has it's own political turmoil. The Village Council voted to add a median on a main road. Local businesses were not happy and banded together and defeated three incumbents up for reelection. That'll teach them for messing with the roads.

                        The colder the weather the more people drop

                         by. Our guess they're looking for a warm place

                         like "Hawaii" and we show up a lot for that.

                         Lucky we live here. The day the person from

                         Fargo, North Dakota stopped by the weather

                         service showed it was 14-degrees

                        and snowing there. But in the

                        summer when the temperature  

hits the low 80's, Fargo blossoms into a pretty city.

The biggest recent controversy there was whether  

the city should put parking meters on the streets.

At the other end, someone visited

from Boardman, Oregon, population 3,200. Farming potatoes and making cheese are the main businesses in that town. Boardman is on the Columbia River so sailing, boating, camping and fishing are big things.

There's lots of open space and it

looks like a nice place to live.

They come from big cities like New York or Yangon, Myanmar - population 5-million. If Myanmar doesn't sound familiar, try Rangoon. That's what it used to be called. It's a poor city with some serious problems, but the people are known for being very nice. Part of the old British Burma from long ago.