It's time we got together

Sunday, August 3, 2019

It has been 50 years since we graduated from Roosevelt High School and it's really time to get together.

Your reunion committee has been working hard to make the 50th reunion week the best reunion we've ever had.  

I have been getting emails from a half-dozen classmates living on the mainland and they are coming! Because of that, we have 3 more functions to get together before the Aug 24th, banquet. This will give us more time to talk story.

For Wednesday, August 21st, Lavern Flores secured the Plantation Cafe in the Ala Moana Hotel.

We're having a breakfast buffet starting at 8:30 am and we have a whole section just for us.  

After this time to get reacquainted we will carpool to our Alma mater for a private tour of the school by the Vice Principal, Jason Okumoto.  

Then on Thursday, August 22nd, it's a Circle the Island Bus Tour. We've rented a Roberts tour bus, with room for 68. The driver will be giving us the full tourist points of interest and I hear he is hilarious!

It will be an all-day ride. This past weekend Bev Lum, Wes Mukawa and Lavern Flores made the drive following the route and inspected all the stops.

When was the last time you circled the island? It will be like cutting out of class and cruisin' around. What!...You have never cut out? You don't know what you're missing! Guilty fun!

Friday, August 23rd, the night before our banquet, it's karaoke night.

We have been doing Karaoke for 4 years and it is a lot of fun. Warm up and sing along to all our oldies.

Who knows who will be the Bruno Mars of old.


Then of course there's the big event. The one we've worked on all year.

The 50th Reunion is considered a major milestone and an almost "must" attend. Some of the people you'll see there will attending their first RHS'69 reunion. Sadly for some, it may be their last.

It's a time to again be touched by some of the most important people in our lives. Some we met in high school helped mold us into what we are today. Some became life-long friends. All have stories to tell of the past five decades.

If you have been putting it off, now is the time to fill out and send in a sign-up sheet. Time is running short and we really want to see you.

If you have heard the term, "herding cats", then you have a good idea of what RHS'69 Reunion chair Vincent Yim is doing these days.

It's the home stretch for the 50th Reunion and he's the circus rigmaster. Sometimes, pleading, sometimes hugging, sometimes scolding - he's getting everything ready for you.