Wrapping Up 2019

Sunday, December 15, 2019

This has been a busy year for RHS'69. Maybe one of the busiest ever. Wait to see what next year brings.

RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim phoned in a look back at some of the events in 2019 and dropped some big hints on committee plans for 2020.

Better clear your calendars...

I recently read an article about how important networking

is to one’s life. You think networking is for someone in

business or building a huge following of friends or endless resources to

depend on. Yes, all these would certainly help to maneuver our day-to-day

tasks. But the magic that comes out of working your network are improved

health, a broader understanding of what going on around you, better use

of time and bottom line, a much happier life.

Our RHS Reunion Committee has certainly have grown our network. We started with just 6 on the committee for our 10th Class Reunion. Then a committee of 8 pulled together to get 175 classmates  to show up for the 20th Reunion. Since then the committee has organized over 50 major events for our classmates and friends.

                        The active committee members are now at 39. Not only from Roosevelt, as

                           McKinley, Kalani and Kaimuki are in the mix.

                            I want to welcome recently retired and now attending reunion members

                           Dana Kobashigawa and Ronda Nishimura.

                                We’ll get them to Chair an event for their short lived retirement.

                            Finally, all of us on the RHS'69 Reunion Committee wish all of you a Merry

                    Christmas and the happiest holiday season. As we grow older we recognize the

                     importance of friends and family in our lives. We hope you are blessed with an

                       abundance of both.

                         May the New Year bring you health, joy and much success.

We are all enjoying the last few days of 2019.  The Committee has already scheduled a bunch of events for 2020. This is usually just the tip of the iceberg.

Our next meeting will be at Dwayne

and Jan Nasu’s home for our

Christmas Party in January.  

October will be a Fall Tomodachi Tour and there’s already a waiting list.  Here's the last one.

And there will be more as this isn't counting the stuff we come up with as the year goes along like the Visitor Industory Charity Walk, Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal, special tours and other events that pop up.

Please check out website calendar for date and times and new events as they are added. Major events are also announced on the website front page.

Harold and Robin have already scheduled the big RHS'69 Karaoke Night for April.

Up for a cruise? In May we have 27 (so far) going on a 19-day Hong Kong, Shanghai, China and Japan Cruise. Your turn to sign up is coming.

Wes and Sandy are working to squeeze in a Las Vegas getaway.

For a 2020 resolution, meet someone new every day.

There are two types of time;

1-  When the mind cannot convince the body

2-  The body tells the mind what’s next!  

Don’t waste it……

We ended the year with a 7-day Vancouver to LA cruise and a side trip to Las Vegas.                                

Thanks to Josie and Art Akana for the cruise and Sandy Nishimoto for scheduling and getting us to Vegas so we could visit our money.

Throughout 2019 we had activities almost every

month - just check the blogs for this year.  Everyone

in the committee has stepped up to help contribute to organize

these monthly get togethers.

Special thanks to these the committee members...

Bobby and Chris Imotos (MHS'69) for 5 years of

Tomodachi Tours with Bobby Chinen (MHS'69.

                               Another is coming up.

                                      Harold Fujii and Robin

                                      Yafuso for getting 111

                                      singers and dancers to the 5th year Karaoke

                                      Night. Also, to Keith Kurahashi (MHS'60) for the

                                      Karaoke sound system.

To the entire committee for bringing together 177 classmate and friends to

our most successful 50th Class Reunion.

Most class reunion events struggle to break even after paying for all

expenses. Super thank you to Donna Miller and Steph Miwa for a sellout

cookbook fundraiser and  Dayle Hoopai for organizing and getting all the donations for the silent auctions and merchandise sales. We had a huge

profit for our 50th Reunion because of them.

A special thanks to Lavern Flores, Bev Lum and Wes Mukawa for planning and overseeing the 50th Reunion pre-events. They set up the 3 days of breakfast Ice Breakers, then an all day bus tour around the island and the fun-filled special Karaoke night before our 50th Banquet. A wonderful way to spend the week with old friends.