Tomodachi Tour III

October 24 - November 6, 2017

This is the third tour to Japan by some members of the Combined Class of '69.

Thirty-nine alum of RHS'69, Kalani'69 and McKinley'69 are taking in Northern Japan this time.

RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim is your tour reporter...

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A few shots of Mt. Fuji in the background and the group gets on the bus for the long ride back to the hotel.

November 4 - Day 11


Day two in the big city. The end is near so it's time for last miniute shopping and omiyagi. Some will be off to Lake Kawaguchi Momiji-kairo. It's a tunnel formed by maple trees on the north bank of Lake Kawaguchi. It becomes lit up at night and it's one of those things you have to see.

Wendy Yim has been collecting pictures of the unique manhole covers in Japan.

She says this one will fool you until you look at it carefully. It's a fire hydrant.

A quick breakfast this morning so everyone can get some shopping before the bus leaves for Lake Kawaguchi Momiji-kairo.

Japan is in a holiday period at this moment. Like us, when there's a holiday they go shopping. Yes, it's very crowded.

Rush back to the hotel to catch the bus for Lake Kawaguchi Momiji-kairo, with a stop at Mt. Fuji.

It's a long ride so to help pass the time everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to Merle Wootwo

Thirty seconds down, two-and-a-half hours to go.

Two Hours to go. Everybody happy.

One hour to go. Everybody hungry.

Stop and go. Mostly stop.

Thirty minutes to go. Don't bother me.

Finally - the restroom-pit stop enroute to Lake Kawaguchi Momiji-kair.

It's like parking your car at Ala Moana. The one for the ladies tells you what stalls are available, western or Japanese type and what side. it lights up and everything.

The men's side - nothing. Apparently they've heard men don't like directions.

Good humor is restored

Another great manhole cover

Pit stop

The Autumn Leaves festival is a big deal in Japan. The ctowds are large and parking difficult.

Like any festval, there are a lot of food booths.

Left is mushroom soup and right is aquid.

Probably the squid

Back in Tokyo, a few found the energy to visit the 1/7th-size Statue of Liberty replica overlooking Yokahama Bay.