Tomodachi Tour III

October 24 - November 6, 2017

This is the third tour to Japan by some members of the Combined Class of '69.

Thirty-nine alum of RHS'69, Kalani'69 and McKinley'69 are taking in Northern Japan this time.

RHS'69 Reunion Committee chair Vincent Yim is your tour reporter...

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November 6 - Day 13

Tokyo - Honolulu

It's time to return. What an amazing two weeks! There's some time for last shopping, another lunch and tryimg to figure out how to get everything purchased on the plane within the weight limits. Everybody to the airport for the 9:00 pm flight and then sleep for 9 hours. Welcome home.

Breakfast time. As usual everyone is early and the restaurant is not yet open.

Vincent wants to talk food...

If you ask any repeat visitor of Japan, why go back so many times?  Most would say the food! Our last two weeks has been a culinary excursion.

Japan is the only place in the world that goes beyond the norm, in presentation, varieties, culinary expertise, freshness, color, utilizing what Mother nature will provide locally and most importantly the care to do their best to give us the best they can with a bow.

As presented...

Packaged to maintain its quality

Open to reveal...

So many, each with its unique flavor

So much effort...

There were 27 dishes and utensils to make my last meal memorable


Our deep appreciation to those who took the time (and remembered) to provide photos for all to enjoy.

If we forgot anyone please let us know to fix it.

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Bobby Arika Chinen

There is no better tour director and friend

Waiting for...

...the airport bus

The boxes hold people's baggage overflow. Mostly shopping stuff.

The day they are leaving Christmas decorations start going up at the hotel

All aboard...

Now, waiting for the flight at the airport. Must be lunch time.

Back to reality: dinner on the plane.