Staring at a Blank Page

Friday, January 3, 2020

Everybody seems to look back at the previous year as a new one rolls into place.

Why should we be different?

Webmaster Courtney

Harrington runs through

what was blogged in 2019.

2019 blogs started off in January with a look at who's been knocking at our door -- some of the people and places that visit our website.

There was a bunch and they were from everywhere, big and small. They're still coming, more and more all the time.

People love Hawaii - and us.

Later that month we reported on the Class of '69 Christmas party, always a month late. Committee members were too busy with the Bruno Mars concert, a Canadian Cruise to check the Fall colors and helping out at the Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal, then Christmas. So it was pushed off a month.

Happens every year.

February marked the Year of the Pig for Chinese New Year. We did an in-depth look at Chinese New Year. All the rules, taboos, beliefs.

And everything you ever wanted to know about pigs. Good fun.

March brought us to Tomodachi IV. This is almost a yearly thing where RHS'69 hosts a massive tour to Japan. For about two weeks they go everywhere at a zillion miles-an-hour and do all kinds of things. Mostly eat.

Another one is coming in October. It's already sold out. Keep an eye on the calendar and the website for details on getting on the wait list. You really gotta add this to your bucket list.

In a flurry of blogs we had a second one in March where we told the story of RHS'69 grad Dana Kobashigawa. She retired as a middle school principal last year. One thousand students gave her a send off. That's called being loved.

Dana is now one of our loved '69 Reunion Committee members.

Once a year RHS'69 puts on a massive Karaoke night. The one in May drew more than a hundred people. Food, drinks, singing and lotsa fun.

This years is in the works. Again, the calendar and the website front page will have the date and details when it's closer.

August started the push to get the word out about the 50th Reunion. This is always the big one and the committee was hip deep in planning. This ended up deserving two blogs.

The reunion was a smashing success and got both a blog from some of the folks that helped make it successul and a separate full report on who was there and what happened.

If you missed the reunion, don't miss these blogs.

To finish up the year, committee chair Vincent Yim put on his Santa suit and spoke a bit about what we did and a look toward some planned events for this year.

You can bet a lot more will be added to the calendar as time goes by. Make it a frequent stop as you rummage around.

RHS 69'ers are always looking for ways to give back to the community, like the Visitor Industry Charity Walk. For the second year a group helped out to set up the Salvation Army Thanksgiving meal at the Blaisdell.

You can count on them being there again this November. Join us - it'll make you feel great!

The reunion committee has been together a little over 30 years, meeting monthly and dedicated to supporting the RHS class of '69 with events and information.

New committee members are always welcome and there will always be fun and interesting things for alumni to do together.  Interested? Shoot us an email.

Get off that couch and join them. If not, then check the blogs to see what everyone else was doing.

We also encourage blog entries from any '69 grad. Everybody has a story to tell and we would love to help you share it.

Send an email to us and let's get you started! We'll help with the writing and build it.

May the new year be one of the best for you.

Your 2020 book of life is starting with nothing but blank pages. Go out. Make a change. Smile more. Get excited. Be curious. Do new things. Ignore negative people in your life and social media. Go to bed and wake up early. Don't gossip. Show more gratitude. Find a challenge. Be brave.

You do these and your pages will fill with good health, much success and happiness.


At the end of May the annual Visitor Industry Charity walk was in Waikiki. RHS'69 is always there and we always welcome any RHS'69 alum to join us.

What's not to like? You walk a bit, you stop to eat, you walk some more, and you laugh a lot. How about joining us this year? The calendar and the website will have details as we gear up.

It's summer time and as usual it's difficult to get people focused on doing a blog. They just want to nap and play.

A few others said they are too busy working on their latest experiment to unravel anti-gravity.

That ended when the lab shot through the ceiling and headed toward the Andromeda Galaxy while setting off false missile alarms in Hawaii and at NORAD.

The team is taking a small break while they ponder this development.

Opening up the month of December, RHS'69 grad John Takara loves salmon fishing in Alaska. He goes with his family every year.

He reported on how it turned out, with a detour to explain black files, brown bears and his daughter kissing a fish.

Really sounds like a great trip.